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Are you looking for a great way to personalise your car or motorbike? Maybe you want to make your helmet or wheels more distinctive? Perhaps you want to add a little flair to your game controllers or gun scope?

If so then our hydrographic printing services are exactly what you’re looking for.

Hydrographic printing is a cost effective way to apply printed designs to three-dimensional objects. Also known as hydro dipping and water transfer printing, the process involves transferring a customised pattern to an item using a water displacement technique. This allows for even complex and irregular shaped objects to be printed where otherwise it would be impossible.

The resulting print is covered in a protective lacquer giving it a strong and durable finish. Just about any type of surface can be printed using hydro dipping including ones made of metal, glass, plastic, hardwood and any other non-porous material.

  • Bikes and Scooters
  • Engine Bay Car Parts
  • Exterior and Interior Trim on Cars
  • Computers & Games Consoles
  • Gun Stocks and Scopes
  • Helmets
  • Motor Bike Parts
  • Wheels

Here are eight of the most popular products we dip:


Pattern Selection

The first step is to choose the pattern you want your item printed with. We have a large library filled with hundreds of designs covering a wide array of different themes. Check out our complete collection to find the best pattern design for you. A full online library of all our designs will be available soon!

Once you’ve made your selection, the pattern is replicated on a water soluble polyvinyl film.

Surface Preparation

Next we focus on the item you want printed. We carefully clean the object to remove any contaminants. It’s then sanded and a special primer is applied to the surface. Once this has dried we then sand the primed surface in preparation for a basecoat (if needed), which influences the hue of the printed pattern.

The Dipping

This is our favourite part. The polyvinyl film with your chosen pattern we mentioned previously is laid on top of clean water inside a special hydrographic printing tank. An activating solvent is then sprayed onto the film which dissolves the vinyl and leaves the printed pattern floating evenly on the surface of the water.

We then carefully and slowly dip the object you want printed through this surface pattern. As the water is displayed the pattern wraps itself around the object and sticks to the surface, regardless of how complex the object’s shape is. The result is a highly detailed and unbroken finish.

Drying and Coating

Immediately after removing the object from the water tank we gently rinse the surface to remove any residue and then it’s allowed to dry.

Once dried we give it a good inspection to make sure the pattern is even. We then coat the surface with clear high-grade urethane, either with a matte or high gloss finish. This automotive-standard coating provides excellent long term protection against wear and tear as well as sun damage.

Finally the object is sanded, buffed and polished to provide that all important shine.

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We are passionate about customisation and have many bespoke surface enhancement techniques at your disposal!


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