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If you’re looking to give your car interior a more velvety feel and appearance then flocking is what you’re after.

Flocking is the specialised technique of covering a surface with short and fine nylon fibres. The result is a soft and durable fabric-like coating that looks and feels like velvet.

The most common surfaces we’re asked to flock are car dashboards but we can also cover items such as glove boxes, gear surrounds, door handles, parcel shelves and mirror fixtures. Plus any objects in your home.

Flocking is a popular process for cars partly due to the benefits the flocked surface presents to the driver. Not only does it look good but it also reduces sun glare, condensation and noise. It’s long lasting, durable and easy to clean.

How is flocking done?

Flocking Preparation

The first step is the simple yet necessary job of making sure the object to be flocked is cleaned of any contaminants. This ensures the surface is free from any grease or dirt which might affect the quality of the final result.

Adhesive Application

The next step is the application of a special electrically conductive adhesive. This covers all areas where the nylon fibres will be applied. We take great care to mask any surrounding surfaces which are not to be flocked.


Before the adhesive has time to dry we begin the flocking process itself. This involves electrically charging both the adhesive layer, and separately, the nylon fibres inside a special electrostatic gun. The adhesive layer is earthed.

Due to the opposite polarity of the adhesive charge, the nylon fibres are attracted to the adhesive surface. The fibres then penetrate the adhesive like a spear or a dart would, end on.

Final Touches

The nylon fibre covered adhesive layer is then left to air dry overnight. We then remove any surplus flock and give the object a hoover down. Finally we carry out a thorough inspection to make sure the flock is of a high standard we expect from all our work.

At East Coast Hydrographix we maintain tight controls on the tools and environment in which we work. This ensures the flocking process results in high quality flock surfaces which look great and are durable.

Our flocking process can be applied to a wide range of materials and objects. We can flock surfaces made from plastic, metal, glass, fibreglass, wood and even rubber.

Whether you’re looking to reduce glare in your car interior or wanting to add some character to an item in your home, our flocking services are ideal for your needs.

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We are passionate about customisation and have many bespoke surface enhancement techniques at your disposal!


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