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There’s something stylish about the look of carbon fibre. Its lustrous sheen together with the dark weave portray an edgy and daring quality that’s especially suitable for vehicles and electronic items.

Carbon fibre skinning, a service we provide, is the art of transforming a mundane looking piece of equipment into something altogether much sleeker and more polished. We excel in this and can wrap items ranging from car and motorbike parts to games consoles and gun scopes.

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So what exactly is carbon fibre skinning?

Carbon fibre skinning is the practice of wrapping an object with a carbon fibre mat. This mat is a thin layer of real carbon fibre and not some imitation vinyl. It therefore reflects light in exactly the same way as a carbon-fibre made product would and has that distinctive textual quality.

The carbon fibre wrap not only looks good but also protects the covered surface against scratches and blemishes. What’s more, the wrap can be removed at a later date without any ill effects on the metal, plastic or paint underneath.

How is carbon fibre skinning done?

The process involves measuring the object to be wrapped. A carbon fibre mat is then cut to size. Before it is wrapped however a combination of epoxy resin and a special hardener are mixed together into a paste. After a little while this is then applied to the object as a base coat.

The measured and cut carbon fibre mat is then carefully wrapped around the object ensuring the weave is moving in the desired direction. Once this has been achieved we place the newly wrapped object in a special vacuum bag and leave for approximately 8 hours.

The final stages involve a repetitive process of applying epoxy resin, allowing it to dry and then sanding it down. Once this has been carried out 4 or 5 times a final lacquer is applied to protect the surface from wear and UV rays.

Finally, the new carbon fibre wrap is given a wet (soapy) sanding followed by a buff and polish once dry. The result is a beautiful carbon fibre covered object ready to be admired by all.

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